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The purpose of this policy is to define the method that Upper Dublin Aquatic Club will use to provide team travel opportunities for swimmers and how the club will collect reimbursements from swimmers.

 As a courtesy to Senior USA swimmers and their families and in order to foster a robust team environment, UDAC began providing team travel opportunities to its swimmers in 2012. For 2013, the board has determined that some modifications to past procedures are necessary.  Following are details on how Team Travel meets and costs will be handled for the2013-14 Senior USA Season:

  1.  All arrangements for Team Travel meets are made by the UDAC Director.

  2. All travel costs, excluding airfare, will be shared equally among swimmers that elect to travel with the team.  Airfare costs, if any, will be paid at actual cost per swimmer if parents elect to have airfare booked by the Director, which is preferred in order to be certain all swimmers travel together.

  3. All meet costs will be estimated and distributed to parents in advance.  If the swimmer elects to travel with the team, the estimate amount will be charged to the swimmerís Thriva account.  Payment is due within 10 days of the charge posting to the account. Payment MUST be made in advance of travelling with the team to the meet.

  4. Upon returning from the meet, the Director will total all charges pertaining to travel for that meet and each swimmerís Thriva account will be charged the difference between the original amount estimated (see #3 above) and the actual amount spent per swimmer on travel for the meet.  Payment for charges in excess of the original estimate is due within 5 days of being posted to Thriva. Should the pre-meet estimate for travel costs for a particular meet exceed the actual costs per swimmer, the excess will be refunded through the swimmerís Thriva  account.

  5. Travel costs include:

  1. Rental Van, insurance and fuel, including all taxes and fees

  2. Hotel and lodging, including all taxes and fees

  3. Parking, where applicable

  4. Airfare

  1. Travel does not include***:

    1. Meals and snacks

    2. Incidental discretionary purchases

    3. Deck entry fees, if any


Every effort will be made to accurately estimate the cost per swimmer for each meet.  However, there are often many unknown expenses.  By agreeing to travel with the team, the parent accepts any and all overages to the pre-meet travel estimate.

 Additionally, if a swimmer elects to travel with the team, the parents agree to a full share of the team costs for that meet.  For example, a swimmer cannot travel to a meet with a parent and then stay in a room paid for by the team. If the team is travelling together, the swimmer commits to the full itinerary compiled by the Director.  We cannot support an a la carte approach to team travel costs.  The only exception to this rule is airfare, which can be purchased individually by the parents (in order to use frequent flier miles, etc.), provided the flight is the same as those booked by the Director for the other swimmers travelling with the team.

 Swimmers are NOT required to travel with the team and families are welcome to make and pay for their own travel arrangements for their swimmers.


UDAC Team Travel Assessment and Reimbursement Policy

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